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        My Bio
        Margarita Garcia Ripa is a Bethesda, Maryland based photographer who specializes in portrait photography that captures individuals at their best. She has great experience in seizing special moments in an image that will last a lifetime.
        Margarita studied Social Communication and Social Science in college and embarked into a communications career, shortly after graduating she realized that her heart was in photography.
        Margarita took her love of communication and photography and combined the two and developed a unique style of taking pictures of children and people in their most natural state, focusing on all their personal characteristics and at the same time telling their story via the captured image. The end results are portraits that include individual’s best traits, like attitude, identity and personality. Ultimately she manages to preserve all these qualities in the image produced.
        Margarita says it best,“My background in communications has given me the ability to enhance the way I document my photography. I use a photojournalistic style that helps me tell your story in an image that captures you in the most natural state possible. My ultimate goal is to capture all my subjects in a unique state of mind where human attitudes and emotions are expressed through face and body gestures which are then captured in the image taken. I use my eyes and my camera to express you in the image as you truly are and at the same time tells your story.”

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